Monday, February 8, 2010

Day-35 (Feb-4) Earphones

Day-35 (Feb-4), originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Earphones bundled with the NexusOne, so called 'Google phone'. Not bad quality.

Day-34 (Feb-3)

Day-34 (Feb-3), originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Just mess around, that's all.

Day-33 (Feb-2) Heading East

Day-33 (Feb-2) Heading East, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Taken on the way of coming back to the office, after a long biz meeting outside. I like the time slot between 4pm to 6 pm of day that is the best time for photography unless it's much cloudy.

Day-32 (Feb 1)

Day-32 (Feb 1), originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Many people have announced that my new-born child apparently resembles me a lot. So, I wanted to confirm whether he does or not with some photos of my childhood.
This picture is one of them. I figured out the reason why they say he is the very son of mine.
Besides, this picture reminds me of one more piece of childhood memory.
The HORRIBLE-LOOKING doll. I do remember it, believe it or not. It was my favorite partner when I was in that ages.

I realized that my own cultural tastes in media have been developed for a very long time :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day-31 No title

Day-31, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

I found a Volvo that was partly dented in the left side of its bumper. I thought it wouldn't be easy to make it. It looked like someone scooped out that part of the bumper.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day-30 Same old view

Day-30 Same old view, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Can't count how many times I've seen and captured this view so far. Same old view ever.

Day-29 Smiley live :-)

Day-29, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Recently my little son has smiled more frequently. Sweet :-)

Day-28 A Flat

Day-28 A Flat, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

This skyscraper is just next to my office building. As far as I'm concerned, one of the most expensive flats in Korea. I took this shot from the roof of my office building that is nine floors above the ground.
I read an article saying that one rich guy committed suicide by jumping from this building early in the morning yesterday. No clear reason has been disclosed yet. It's horrible.

Day-27 Snow again

Day-27 Snow again, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Another busy day with snowy weather.

Day-26 NexusOne

Day-26 NexusOne, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

This is a NexusOne shipped from US. NexusOne is the Google's smartphone based on Android OS. I gotta examine everything about it piece by piece, focusing on its user interface system. It would be enjoyable. I love my job :-)

Day-25 Sony a850

Day-25 Sony a850, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Some say that a good photographer anyhow produces good photos no matter which gear he/she has. I think it's right, but also I know I'm not a good photographer. That's why I need a better camera recently. I have this, Sony a850 in view currently. The most reasonable full-frame DSLR, the Sony a850 is. One thing I concern is it could cost fairly much.

Day-24 Welcome home

Day-24 Welcome home, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

At last, my son came back home from the post-natal care center in good health. Welcome home my son !! Love you so much !

Day-23 Kindergarten

Day-23 Kindergarten, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

A kindergarten near my office building.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day-22 Lips of my...

Day-22 Lips of my..., originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Nothing I took but only the pictures of my son. Posting one of them. Beautiful lips of him :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day-21 Lego room inside

Lego room inside, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

This is a indoor shot of small lego house I built. I need something fun suddenly, that's all.
The object that is seen through the window looks like a building with many windows, which makes this picture more realistic, I think. It's just a plastic basket.

Day-20 Misty and Dark

Mist, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Favorite weather!

Day-19 McMuffin

McMuffin, originally uploaded by Sean.Caco.

Although I hear how much junk food could affect my health all the time from many reliable sources, I still love having hamburger, especially, McDonald's with Coke. It's something I can't help doing.